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Operator Clips

Elton Manufacturing’s line of Garage Door Operator Clips, meticulously crafted for compatibility with Liftmaster T-Rail systems. Our operator clips embody the premium quality and unparalleled performance that Elton Manufacturing is renowned for.

These garage door operator clips are designed to attach seamlessly to Liftmaster T-Rail mechanisms, ensuring a reliable and secure connection for smooth garage door operation. Created from durable materials, our operator clips are robust, resisting wear and tear, and offering a long-lasting solution for your garage door system.

Elton Manufacturing’s Garage Door Operator Clips are essential for maintaining the efficient functioning of your garage door. They ensure a firm grip and precise movement, making your Liftmaster T-Rail system more reliable and effective.

Choose Elton Manufacturing for robust and compatible Garage Door Operator Clips, enhancing your Liftmaster T-Rail system’s performance and lifespan. Trust in our commitment to quality, durability, and customer satisfaction.


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