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IDA 2014 Las Vegas

IDA 2014 Las Vegas

Shining Bright in Las Vegas: Elton Manufacturing at the 2014 International Door Association Expo

IDA Expo Last Vegas 2014 podium speaker

IDA Expo Last Vegas 2014


Elton Manufacturing is participating in the prestigious International Door Association (IDA) Expo in the vibrant city of Las Vegas. This global event brings together the biggest names in the door industry, and Elton Manufacturing stands out with its unique, quality-driven approach and innovative solutions.

Elton Manufacturing at the Expo

Elton Manufacturing’s booth is a visual treat at the IDA Expo. Their wide array of door systems and solutions, designed with a keen eye for detail and commitment to durability, makes a substantial impression on attendees.

Highlights and Achievements

Elton is showcasing its latest innovations in door technology at the event, captivating visitors with their revolutionary designs and functionalities. The centerpiece of their display is a high-tech, energy-efficient door system that seamlessly integrates technology with design.

Their interactive product demonstrations, delivered by knowledgeable representatives, provide visitors with a firsthand experience of the products’ practicality and performance. This immersive approach brings Elton closer to their customers, highlighting their commitment to user-friendly, efficient, and robust door solutions.

Networking and Beyond

The IDA Expo is not merely a platform for product display but also an arena for learning and networking. Elton Manufacturing is interacting with other industry pioneers, learning from their insights while also sharing their own experiences and expertise. These interactions open up potential collaboration opportunities and broaden Elton’s perspectives on the global trends shaping the door industry.


Elton Manufacturing’s presence at the IDA Expo in Las Vegas is a testament to their forward-thinking approach and commitment to bringing the best to the door industry. Their participation at the expo is playing a pivotal role in fortifying their reputation as an industry leader and setting new benchmarks for quality and innovation. As Elton continues to innovate and expand, the experience and lessons from the IDA Expo 2014 serve as an inspiring chapter in their journey.

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